Congress Insurance

Among the responsibilities of UICH together with the Congress organizing section, the event has to carry adequate insurance that guarantees the financial security of delegates in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.
UICH « Les Clefs d’Or » will take care of subscribing the adequate insurance. The charge will be reverted to the organizing section. Reimbursement for any costs associated with insurance is to be made to UICH prior to the commencement of the Congress.

All documents regarding the congress insurance to be uploaded soon.

icone-dossier  Insurance certificate (en)
icone-dossier  Attestation d’assurance (fr)

icone-dossier  General conditions (fr)
icone-dossier  Chubb’s reference fee schedule (fr)

icone-dossier  Specific Guarantees (en)
icone-dossier  Garanties particulières (fr)